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Our uniquely shaped neck pillow is designed to give you the utmost comfort... Great value.

It is the only multi-functional neck pillow on the market.

It provides the utmost comfort and helps you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. It provides head, neck, and spinal support. It relieves head and pains in fifteen minutes or less.

It can be used while traveling, relaxing, watching TV, reading, lounging in a hammock, camping, and so much more.

It is made with premium memory foam and the cover is plush and very soft.

The covers are washable and will remain it's softness after many washes.

That Neck Pillow is long-lasting and retains its shape for a very long time.

We provide replacement covers in the event you want to change up the look of your pillow.


Made in the USA.

Crimson Red That Neck Pillow™

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