Review: Best Pain Reliever 

Best Neck Pillow On The Market


I received your pillow yesterday, and I want you to know that all day yesterday, I was in horrible, horrible pain with my neck and my shoulders. And when I went to bed that night, I tried your pillow and within five minutes the pain was completely gone.

I got up in the morning and I felt real good. I have been on the go all day grocery shopping and everything, and still no pain. I want to thank you very, very much for That Neck Pillow, you are a lifesaver.

God has a place for you in Heaven. Thank you.

George Connors


I have constant ear and neck pain, and when I use That Neck Pillow my pain goes away in minutes. That Neck Pillow is the only thing that relieves my pain. I've been using the pillow for about a year. I even sleep with it. It's replaced my pillow. Best purchase I have ever made. I can't live without it. 

Alexandra G 

One For Every Room


“That Neck Pillow has very quickly become one of my best friends. I have not found anything that relaxes me and helps me fall asleep so fast. It helps me sleep longer through the night too. I use it to watch TV as well. I particularly like how warm it makes my neck, head, and shoulders feel. It’s great at night because those are the only parts that stick out of my covers in the cold air. I may have to get one for my couch, my bed and my car because I look like a little kid carrying my teddy bear around with me every where I go!”

Rick H.

World's Best Neck Pillow


That Neck Pillow I gave the neck pillow this score because I have been using That Neck Pillow for a little over a year and I have had great relief from neck and head aches. I have been able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I wake up pain free every morning. I am able to sleep on the airplane for the first time with neck pillow. 


Love That Neck Pillow


I love to sleep with That Neck Pillow because it aligns my spine and gives my neck a really nice elongation and support. I sleep really well with it and when I turn on my side it does not crush my ear like a normal pillow can. I also love it for travel and when I am in the car. It is light, portable, and I use it all the time. I highly recommend it!!

-Sable S.

That Neck Pillow Review


I purchase two That Neck Pillows, one for myself and one for my 3-year old grandson. The neck pillow is very soft and comfortable. I use it for sleeping, watching television, reading, and to relieve stressful tension. I am glad that it has a washable cover makes it easy to keep it clean.

I am very impress with the kids neck pillow, my grandson uses it when he is in his car seat and laying down. He loves to carry it around because it is so soft.

Thanks for designing a great product.

-Gloria A