That Neck Pillow Review

My Review For That Neck Pillow


That Neck Pillow is my New BFF! I have chronic neck issues due to a car accident. I heard about the neck pillow from someone on a Zoom meeting, and immediately purchased one. I started sleeping with it immediately and I love it. I was able to fall asleep quickly and my neck pain was gone. I slept better too.  I love my neck pillow! (Substitute for my husband, lol and jk)

-Cathy C


I slept better immediately after starting to use That Neck Pillow. I use it at home or while traveling. Whenever I am travelling for weightlifting competitions,  I use it in the car when I am not driving, But the best thing is that I used it during events. I can just lay on a mat or on the ground, and my head and neck are well supported. I especially love sleeping with it because it helps my posture.

And it's so soft!


Review For That Neck Pillow


That Neck Pillow is the best neck pillow on the market because it's the only one that I bought that really works. I travel quite often for work, so it makes those long red-eye flights enjoyable. I recently started sleeping with my neck pillow and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable it is. I fall asleep quicker and I can now sleep through the night.

Thank you.  

-Carolyn A.

That Neck Pillow Review


I have two reports for That Neck Pillow. I purchased a family 4-pack pillows for my children and myself. My daughter and I were on a road trip and when she was driving, I used to pillow and I immediately went to sleep. 

That night, while we were at our Air B&B, I was sitting in a chair watching television, and after a few minutes, my head and neck started aching. I put on the neck pillow and sat back in the same chair, and after a few minutes, the pain was completely gone, I was able to finish the show without any more pain.

Thumbs up for this amazing product.

-MaryAnn S.

That Neck Pillow


That Neck Pillow is very soft and comfy! The pillow is a high quality product and far superior to the neck pillows found in airports.

Lynthia, the designer, passionately explained her pillows to me, I was convinced, so I gave it a try, and have since bought 2 more as gifts! Highly recommended! 

-Harmony R.

Well Worth The Price


When I first heard about That Neck Pillow, I purchased two. A couple days later, my daughter and son-in-law visited, tried them and wanted them. So I bought two more pillows.

I use my neck pillow for sleeping, it is really an excellent pillow. It helps keep my head, neck, and posture aligned. I am sleeping better than I had in years, and I am no longer waking up with head and neck pains.

-Margaret O

Best Purchase Ever


That Neck Pillow is the best purchase I've ever made. I would usually get bad neck pains after sleeping on my normal bed pillows. So I would try to sleep without any pillows at all. One night, I decided to sleep with my neck pillow . The moment I laid my head on the neck pillow, I immediately felt a relieve on my neck. This pillow design fits your neck perfectly. I just love how soft and comfy it is as well. Not forgetting, I can actually remove and wash the covering....total bonus. I just love my neck pillow. Thank you Muller's Design.


Neck Pillow Review


I use this pillow everyday. It’s wonderful for sleep and allows me to comfortably sleep on my back or my side without needing other pillows. It’s very comfortable!! 

-Mark M.

Cannot Sleep Without


I never knew what a good night's sleep could feel like until I got That Neck Pillow.

It stays on even as I roll around and supports my neck. And it's so soft and comfortable!

I love my neck pillow

-Shannon M.

That Kids Neck Pillow Review


I have a large family, so my girls and I spend a considerable amount of time in the car. So when I hears about That Kids Neck Pillow, I bought two for them. Best purchase ever.

Now whenever they fall asleep in their car seat, I am not constantly looking in the rearview mirror to see if their heads are hanging, or if they look like they would fall out of the car seat any minute. 

Best kids neck pillow on the market.

-Blanca F.

Review For That Neck Pillow 


A friend gave me a That Neck Pillow because I was complaining about my lack of sleep. At first I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. The first night I used it, I definitely saw a huge difference. It didn't take me the usual length of time to fall asleep and I was able to sleep close to eight hours. It took me a few nights to get use to the shape, but by week two, I was falling asleep in mere minutes, I am sleeping for more than 8 hours, and I was not waking up multiple times during the night anymore. I also use the pillow whenever I have a headache. It works!

Great Product.

-Julie Ann P.