That Neck Pillow Review

My Review For That Neck Pillow


That Neck Pillow is my New BFF! I have chronic neck issues due to a car accident. I heard about the neck pillow from someone on a Zoom meeting, and immediately purchased one. I started sleeping with it immediately and I love it. I was able to fall asleep quickly and my neck pain was gone. I slept better too.  I love my neck pillow! (Substitute for my husband, lol and jk)

-Cathy C


I slept better immediately after starting to use That Neck Pillow. I use it at home or while traveling. Whenever I am travelling for weightlifting competitions,  I use it in the car when I am not driving, But the best thing is that I used it during events. I can just lay on a mat or on the ground, and my head and neck are well supported. I especially love sleeping with it because it helps my posture.

And it's so soft!


Best Purchase Ever


That Neck Pillow is the best purchase I've ever made. I would usually get bad neck pains after sleeping on my normal bed pillows. So I would try to sleep without any pillows at all. One night, I decided to sleep with my neck pillow . The moment I laid my head on the neck pillow, I immediately felt a relieve on my neck. This pillow design fits your neck perfectly. I just love how soft and comfy it is as well. Not forgetting, I can actually remove and wash the covering....total bonus. I just love my neck pillow. Thank you Muller's Design.